Little Bits of Country Shop

Hello All,

Thanks for stopping by. I have had a shop open over at Etsy for about a year now to sell my mason jars and lids ect. But, it seems that selling on Etsy is just more of a completion then anything and way to expensive for not being able to sell that much. So I was thinking that maybe if I started a blog about what I sell I would be able to sell more this way the over on Etsy.

So, Lets get started on what I sell and for how much I sell them for…

These are the jars that I sell. They are 24oz tall 20oz short and they little one is 10oz. I do have a few of the swirl straws left but I am switching over to all USA made straws and they are a solid color that you will see later in the post.


Here is another view of the jars an the sizes they come in.(24oz-$12.00, 20oz-$10.00, 10oz-$6.00)Image

I also sell the blue heritage jars too!!!

Please bear with me as I am working on getting my site up and running. If you are interested in buying some please e-mail me and I will work up a invoice on paypal and get you order going!!!


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